• Greenwich Indivisible Panicked Over The "Growing Influence Of Uber Right Wing Greenwich Patriots"

    September 2, 2023

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    The Trump haters at Greenwich Indivisible sure are triggered by the growing influence of the "uber right wing Greenwich Patriots”.

    So much so that the Indivisibles are calling for all of their members to help to stop the "disturbing assault on our rights, our schools, and our town culture” in the group's latest email.

    In order to gain sympathy from followers, Indivisible even falsely accused Greenwich Patriots of pulling the “groomer sign” stunt at Greenwich Town Hall—a stunt most likely pulled by their own operatives as an attempt to try to undermine the "growing influence" of Greenwich Patriots. An influence that terrifies them since the Patriots just want to protect children from being indoctrinated into a radical progressive mindset in school, they want to protect medical freedom, and they want to help make America great again!

    Of course, reasonable people aren’t buying Indivisible's twisted version of events as described in the latest email. Especially since the only side that has pulled sign hoaxes in the past is their side.

    In fact, the Indivisibles are most likely responsible for stealing and/or defacing more than 600 of Greenwich Patriots "Do You Love Freedom?" signs that were planted in the Summer of 2021. Additionally, Indivisible members called for stealing the group's "Stand Up Greenwich" signs that urged residents to unmask our children, stop the spread of critical race theory and protect medical freedom. Approximately 500 "Stand Up Greenwich" signs were stolen, usually within 24 hours of being planted.

    Three Greenwich residents were arrested for stealing Do You Love Freedom signs, including 24-year-old Johanna Elena Pagani of Riverside; 43-year-old Emily Curry Brown of Riverside, who stole a sign after leaving a rally for a local Democrat running for office; and 47-year-old Daniel Sigler from Greenwich, who stole a sign from the roundabout in front of Greenwich Hospital. One sign thief was so brazen that she stole a sign in broad daylight while exiting I-95 Exit 5 in Riverside. She literally jumped out of her car at the traffic light in the morning, grabbed the sign and stuffed it into her back seat after realizing it didn't fit into the trunk!

    "Do You Love Freedom" Sign Thief Caught In The Act

    Nonetheless, in an act of desperation, the Indivisibles are literally begging for help now.

    They want to defend sexually-explicit and inappropriate content for children in school libraries. What kind of person wants to sexualize children like that? Isn't there a word for that?

    And in case you want more insight into the content that Indivisible wants to put in front of your children, take a look at the Greenwich Patriots "Back-to-School Book Spectacular. This is the content the Indivisibles want your children to access. Many people have called the content "sick" and "depraved" and suggest that anyone who wants to put content like this front of children is guilty of child abuse. Yet this is what the Indivisibles want to protect—content that provides detailed instructions on performing shocking sex acts, content that glorifies pornography to children, and content that normalizes transgenderism for young children in school! Don't trust us, go ahead and look at the pictures yourself from the long list of titles found in Greenwich schools.

    Read the GPS Back-To-School Book Spectacular Here!

    It's not enough for Indivisible to want to protect sexually-explicit content for children. The group also wants to teach children about racism in the most divisive way—through the Marxist doctrine of critical race theory—to ensure that some children always feel guilty over their supposed "white privilege" and to ensure other children are forever stuck in their place as the "oppressed" class. Can you imagine anything more divisive than this?

    Indivisible also promotes the radical progressive group, Black Lives Matters, a corrupt group run by a self-proclaimed Marxist that runs donations through the left's favorite dark money organization, Act Blue. Coincidentally, this is the same group that Indivisible's own donations run through... and the same Act Blue that is being called out for a potentially massive money laundering scheme of donations received through the platform.

    Indivisible is responsible for orchestrating a BLM protest attended by hundreds of activists in the wake of George Floyd. A protest where Greenwich police officers took a knee right in front of the Greenwich Police Department headquarters. A move that was decried by people throughout town who were outraged to see that the police caved to radical bullies.

    Greenwich Police including Captain Kraig Gray and Chief James Heavey took a knee after pressure from BLM in the wake of George Floyd. June 1, 2020 Photo: Leslie Yager

    Of course, the Indivisible-backed BLM rally came at a time when Greenwich High School graduation was reduced to an absurdly ridiculous "car" graduation ceremony that angered hundreds and hundreds of parents who were robbed of a real graduation ceremony for their children's big day. But it was okay for the BLM rally to take place, with people unmasked and not socially distanced. It was also okay to hold a "candlelight vigil" in Binney Park, again with hundreds of unmasked and not socially-distanced attendees.

    Apparently covid didn't spread at outdoor BLM rallies, but it did spread at an outdoor graduation ceremony? Does anyone with a brain actually still believe this nonsense? Especially now that it has become entirely clear that masks NEVER worked to stop covid. And that social distancing was entirely made up without any science!

    The truth is that reasonable people are sick of the radical nonsense and anti-Trump hatred that Indivisible is promoting. It's a rapidly failing narrative.

    And that is why Greenwich Patriots influence is growing. Because people love FREEDOM, common sense, and patriotic values.

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    Greenwich Patriots

    Greenwich Patriots organized in 2021 to help protect medical freedom, to preserve parental rights, and especially to stand up for children in schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn more and join the newsletter here: https://greenwichpatriots.us/.

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    Nick Postovoit

    Taking a knee to Black Lives Matter was like bluementhal accepting an award at a communist party

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