• Greenwich Promotion Specialist Still Pushing Covid Fear Narrative In August 2023, Enough Already!

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    Dr. Stephanie Paulmeno, the Greenwich Public Health Promotion Specialist who admits she always talked about covid because she got paid by a covid-19 grant that required her to do so, is still shilling the "official" covid narrative, now promoting fear about rising covid rates.

    Her summer fear campaign about covid aligns nicely with Senator Richard "Da Nang Dick" Blumenthal's comments at a press conference earlier this week where he described the recent uptick in covid cases as “concerning" and said it was "not a reason for panic but for preparedness.” 

    Then he pushed for $791 million in federal funding for covid tests.

    Paulmeno immediately suggested climate change was a possible cause for increasing covid rates, ignoring all other potential explanations, like how the vaccinated are experiencing problems with their immune systems after repeated doses of an experimental vaccine, or the fact that covid tests are still largely unapproved and known to report high rates of false positives (as high as 96%) in periods of low covid incidence, according to the FDA.

    Source: FDA

    But forget about that, it's probably climate change! And that "unprecedented and prolonged heat wave" that has swept across the country as of late.

    So you better mask up because the variant of the month, EG.5, is "more contagious than the previous COVID-19 variants" even though it's not more lethal, a trivial detail you should ignore. Yes, fear the variant, because it will continue to circulate "in various mutations" and it will continue to infect people. She has no interest in teaching you how to overcome that fear and build your immune system to fight off covid. Nope, it's all about the fear. Plus, if Paulmeno keeps the fear alive, maybe she will get paid to promote the covid test agenda that Blumenthal is working on?

    After all, 2024 isn't that far away.

    And then there's the vaccine.

    She just loves covid vaccines. She also knows that fear sells vaccines, so she can't miss the opportunity to push this deadly product on everyone 6 years of age and older.

    Does she ever tell people about the known and unknown risks clearly detailed on the vaccine package inserts? Does she ever mention the well-known side effects of covid vaccines in her fear campaigns? Does she ever tell you about the adverse reactions that have been reported to the CDC's Adverse Event Reporting System?

    Not a chance!

    The data about covid vaccine injuries is absolutely terrifying, and would clearly put a damper on vaccine product sales. As a paid "promotion specialist" for the government, she couldn't have that, now could she? She wouldn't want folks knowing that covid vaccines have been implicated in at least 35,726 deaths because who would want a product as dangerous as that?

    Source: OpenVAERS.com

    Her last point, however, is spot-on:

    "Our health and safety is largely in our own hands, and an informed health-consumer will be well armed to look after themselves and their families."

    Stephanie Paulmeno, The Impact of Rising COVID-19 Rates in These Warm Summer Months

    Stop paying attention to anyone who takes money to promote the covid-19 narrative, and start trusting your own, independent research.

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