• Of All The Things To Recommend On Christmas, The Greenwich Sentinel Picked Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla's Book

    December 25, 2023

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    Of all the things to push on Christmas, the Greenwich Sentinel decided to highlight the book Moonshot: Inside Pfizer’s Nine-Month Race to Make the Impossible Possible released by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on March 8, 2022.

    The column was based on an interview conducted with Bourla when he came to Greenwich for a November 20, 2023, event at the Bruce Museum called the Bruce Visionary Awards. Tickets ranged from $850 for an individual ticket all the way up to $25,000 for a table.

    Bourla appeared as Keynote Speaker in a conversation with Patricia Chadwick, who is a trustee of the Bruce Museum and just released her own memoir, Little Sister.

    Albert Bourla and Patricia Chadwick.

    Chadwick penned the column for the Greenwich Sentinel.

    The column could have been posted at any time since November 20th, but like we said, it was deliberately posted on Christmas Day.

    In the column Chadwick praises Pfizer's covid vaccine as "life-saving" and then gushes over Bourla's leadership during the pandemic.

    She says Bourla was willing to risk "billions of dollars of invested capital" and that he felt that "human lives trumped shareholders’ rights."

    Gee, he sounds like a terrific guy the way Chadwick sees it.

    She goes on to describe Pfizer's covid vaccine development as if it's some kind of thriller—pushing the "95% efficacy" line which, as it turns out, is an entirely misleading statistic and should have been qualified with a definition so readers could understand what 95% actually means.

    But this column wasn't about setting the record straight.

    This column was letting you know that the Greenwich Sentinel backs the Big Pharma narrative, too.

    Why else would it publish Chadwick's column about what she calls a "COVID-19 vaccine miracle" on Christmas Day?

    Chadwick even praised the book's fourteen-page bibliography as "impressive and a testament to the book’s authenticity."

    Yep, authenticity is important.

    So is honesty.

    Like, why wasn't Bourla honest about the early results that Pfizer reported in its post-marketing document? That's the document which reflected covid vaccine adverse event reports made through February 28, 2021. The Pfizer vaccine was first granted Emergency Use Authorization on December 11, 2020, so the report reflects just 79 days.

    Within that time, 42,086 case reports were made containing 158,893 adverse events, including 1,223 deaths (that's a 3% death rate for cases).  Another 11,361 cases had “not recovered” at the time of Pfizer's report, and an additional 9,400 had unknown outcomes. So the 3% death rate could conceivably be much higher.

    Oh yeah, and by February 28, 2021, Pfizer knew that at least 11% of pregnancies were “terminated” by the vaccine.

    But did Bourla or any of his vaccine miracle workers raise a red flag at that time?


    Pfizer had a different response to all of those adverse event reports: it hired additional full-time employees to be able to process the “large increase" of reports.

    Why didn't Chadwick and Bourla talk about that? That seems like it might have been an interesting topic to discuss, doesn't it?

    Why not ask Bourla about how CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) cites Pfizer in at least 993,100 adverse event reports, including 25,108 deaths? That represents 61.5% of all covid vaccine-related adverse events, and 68.3% of all covid vaccine-related deaths in VAERS being attributed to Pfizer. That seems like a shocking statistic, so why not lob in a question about that?

    Why not ask about the bait-and-switch covid vaccine "trial within a trial" that Pfizer pulled off?

    Or about how Pfizer hid nearly 80% of covid vaccine trial deaths from regulators?

    Not a single hard-hitting question. Not a single question to challenge the carefully constructed "safe and effective" narrative that has been spoon-fed to Americans for years now. And not a single fact check of any of the claims that Bourla made or more importantly the "lies of omission".

    That's what the Greenwich Sentinel, the local "mainstream media", has to offer you on Christmas.

    A "holiday present"—not even a Christmas present on December 25th, but a "holiday present"—stuffed full of propaganda.

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