• Greenwich Democrats "Freaking Out" Over Unprecedented Number Of Candidates Running For RTM

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    Greenwich Democrats are admittedly freaking out over the unprecedented number of candidates running for the Town's governing body, the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), according to their most recent email.

    The Democrats complained that, "far-right members" of the Greenwich Republican party had "plopped scores of petitions" into the Town Clerk's office at the last minute to nominate "something like 100 neophytes" to run for the RTM.

    The Democrats immediately assumed a "MAGA faction" was responsible for generating the 100 or so new petitions because they think MAGA is behind everything.

    To address the perceived MAGA threat, the Greenwich Democrats have endorsed what they call a "bipartisan coalition" of "Democrats, concerned Republicans, and independents" for RTM.

    Ironically, this is the exact same "bipartisan coalition" that The Voting Moms endorsed, save for two names. That's probably just a small oversight since one is a write-in candidate on the Democrats' list but not The Voting Moms' list. The other appears at the end of The Voting Moms' D6 list, out of alphabetical order, but not on the Democrats' list.

    What do you think the odds are that these two different, allegedly independent groups would pick 178 of the same candidates? It's certainly a heck of a coincidence, isn't it? Or is it just another front organization for the Democrats, like Indivisible and the Voices for Democracy?

    Since there are not enough candidates to run entire slates of Democrats in each of the 12 RTM districts, the Greenwich Democrats are actually endorsing certain Republicans for RTM.

    Did these Republicans welcome the endorsement from the Greenwich Democrats? Did they know about the endorsement in advance? And do these Republicans agree with all of the talking points that the Democrats included in the newsletter?

    Source: Greenwich Democrats Newsletter

    Let's take the "book ban" issue, for instance, which reasonable people understand is about ensuring content is age-appropriate for children in school. It’s normally a unifying topic for Republicans who care about protecting children.

    Does the "bipartisan coalition" really believe that elementary school children as young as five years old at Dundee should be learning how to masturbate from school library books? Does the coalition believe that 14-year-olds should receive detailed instruction, including illustrations, on how to perform oral sex from the school library? Or are the real extremists the ones fighting to keep this content in schools?

    It's Perfectly Normal is available in the following Greenwich Schools: International School at Dundee (Elementary), Central Middle School and Greenwich High School.


    Of course, the real reason the Democrats are freaking out is because they did the math.

    They realize they have been outnumbered by a lot of regular, common sense folks from Greenwich who understand how important it is to protect our wonderful community from radical, progressive ideas.

    No wonder the Democrats are freaking out.

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