• Hey Connecticut, You've Been Lied To, Misled And Manipulated About J6 By The Democrat Party

    January 8, 2024
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    Guest Post by Zeus Washington

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    January 6, 2024, is a good day to inform the residents of West Hartford and Connecticut that they have been LIED TO, MISLED AND MANIPULATED about January 6, 2021, by the Democratic Party, most media and even some Republicans. All consumed by a combination of greed, power, dogmatic political tribalism and hatred of Donald Trump.

    If all they watched was mainstream news and the Democrats' show trial, then it's understandable why many believe January 6th was an "insurrection". But that does not excuse their ignorance nor the division it's causing.

    Everyone agrees that 1/6/21 was a horrible day for our country, but there will be no "unity" here in CT or the United States until Democrats and others consumed by hatred of Donald Trump, MAGA Republicans or conservatives broadly come back to reality and understand that:

    1. January 6th was a political riot, not an insurrection. A political riot in the same vein as the 2020 so-called "mostly peaceful" but in reality violent and fiery protests in Kenosha and other Democrat-run cities, or the Lafayette Park riot. The only actual insurrection in the United States in the last decade was CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle.

    Source: X
    Source: X

    2. Trump did not collude with Russia or Putin to steal 2016 election from Hillary; this narrative was entirely made up by the DNC, Clinton's campaign and cooperative intelligence officials. Russia's "interference" in 2016 is grossly exaggerated by those who still cannot accept that election result, and pales in comparison to the DAILY lies espoused by U.S. media outlets during Trump's first term.

    3. Trump did not praise white nationalists in Charlottesville. Another lie to justify the sanctimonious, virtue-signaling, false sense of moral superiority of Democrats (especially progressives) & sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    4. The vast majority of the donations of Epstein, Weinstein, Bankman-Fried, and other EVIL men went to DEMOCRATS. Bill Clinton was one of Epstein's close personal friends and his wife has supported Bill the whole time - never disavowed anything (and millions voted for her!)

    5. Trump was unjustly spied on by Obama's FBI & FISA Courts were abused. Our intelligence agencies are increasingly being taken over by sociopathic, power-drunk bureaucrats, but you don't care because most are left-leaning/liberal and they hate Trump too.

    6. COVID lockdowns and vaccine or mask mandates are anti-American and disproportionate to the threat of COVID; the COVID vaccines do not prevent the spread or transmission of the virus, and the socio-political elite's COVID policy discriminated against the younger generations.

    7. The Biden family and the vast majority of politicians Baby Boomers and Gen Xers voted for in the last 40 years are hopelessly corrupt and don't actually care about the United States or the Constitution.

    8. Hunter Biden's laptop WAS NOT Russian disinformation, but the letter signed by 50 dishonorable intel officials WAS American disinformation (& media, some knowingly, spread the lie).

    9. There was no "Muslim ban"; 79% of the world's Muslims could still apply for visas/the lottery; are Democrats still afraid of the words "radical Islamic terrorists" after October 2023?

    10. Iran is about 100x more evil than Russia but don't let that stop Democrats from ignoring their leaders' (like Obama & Biden's) love affair with Iran, sending the world's #1 sponsor of terrorism billions between their administrations.

    11. Many social media companies, including old Twitter, colluded with establishment and Democrat elements of the U.S. government to censor and suppress Republicans and conservatives (especially pro-Trump ones).

    12. All of the indictments against Donald Trump are entirely politicized and partisan. If Trump did not come down the escalator almost 10 years ago and run against the hilariously incompetent socio-political ruling class of the Boomer and Gen Xer generations, he would not be under any investigations and Mika & Joe would be gushing all over him while praising Season 40 of the Apprentice. This is Russia Collusion 2.0.

    They can be disgusted by Trump, hate him, or think he's boorish or a buffoon but at some point they must take responsibility for believing and propagating the aforesaid lies, half-truths and disinformation.

    Source: X

    If you truly believe that January 6th was an "insurrection", watch the documentary below. If you claim to be an "open-minded" person but scoff at the argument that the Jan 6th narrative & related indictments is Russia Collusion 2.0 (which many also believed for 4 years, lying to anyone and everyone, especially the younger generations, 27/4), then watch the documentary below:

    Source: Epoch Times

    Tucker Carlson also exposed the Democrats' January 6th "insurrection" narrative as gross exaggeration and political hyperbole:

    None of this will matter to people consumed by their seething hatred of Donald Trump - they do not realize, or do not care, that their collective hate is currently the primary driver of division in the United States.

    Democrats cannot claim to support a democracy when their party is:

    1) weaponizing our judicial system to prevent Joe Biden's #1 political opponent and former President of the United States from running for office again, and

    2) arresting the supporters of their political opponent whose only crime was non-violently "trespassing" the Capitol (after being allowed in) and treating them worse than the CHAZ/CHOP radicals, the Lafayette Park rioters, and the BLM/ANTIFA "peaceful protesters"

    Frankly, people who were allowed in non-violently by Capitol Police and wandered around like tourists are being treated worse under the law than @CTDems like Democratic State Reps Geoff Luxenberg and Robin Comey, who drunk drive and only by the grace of God did not kill people.

    God bless and help America in these times.

    This post originally appeared on X and was published with approval from the author.

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    Paul A

    God bless America, land that I love!
    Thank you Greenwich Patriots for the bravery to speak the truth in times where complete falsehoods are the new campaign tactic to win elections because the democrats can not win with positive policy that benefits America.

    Amy Williams


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