• It's A February Festivus For Greenwich Republicans, And With That Comes The Airing Of Grievances

    February 21, 2024
    Instead of a tree covered in lights and ornaments, the celebration of Festivus features an aluminum pole.

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    Who knew that Greenwich Republicans celebrated Festivus, the parody holiday made famous on an episode of Seinfeld nearly 30 years ago?

    The celebration of Festivus begins with a family meal and the "Airing of Grievances" when you complain to your family about all the ways they disappointed you during the year.

    But in the case of Greenwich Republicans, the Airing of Grievances began in early February when First Selectman Fred Camillo launched a public media attack, seemingly in coordination with local mainstream media, against the current leadership of the Republican Town Committee (RTC).

    Camillo complained first to a friendly Greenwich Sentinel about the RTC leadership, and flat out said they didn't deserve a second term.

    He called certain RTC officers "divisive" and believes that the "national issues" the current RTC represents have "negatively impacted the party's image and electoral performance," even though he personally brought national politics to town when he signed off on the highly controversial Zuckbucks grant, thereby undermining election integrity in Greenwich.

    Just to be clear, the current RTC embraces traditional conservative values including family, liberty, freedom, prosperity, common sense and integrity. They back parental rights. And they "want their elected officials to possess the backbone, integrity and common sense required to counter the cronyism and big-money pressure of liberal policy-makers."

    Camillo even took issue with the RTC's generous support of his re-election campaign, and apparently not only didn't want the RTC's help, but felt he didn't need their help to win. Talk about sour grapes!

    That particular sentiment angered and offended a number of RTC members, especially hard-working campaign volunteers who felt like Camillo "stabbed them in the back" after saying he didn't want or need their help. That's the opposite of what Camillo told these same volunteers during the campaign, making his comments that much more of a betrayal.

    More grievances were launched this week by a group of republicans in Riverside's District 5, who alleged signatures on the petition that forced the primary in their district were forged. That claim was fiercely denied by the RTC Chair. An SEEC spokesperson said the commission hasn't decided whether to investigate, but confirmed that the issue was not on today's meeting agenda.

    Yet another round of grievances came from the primary challengers in Cos Cob's District 8 who adopted the view that "Connecticut will always be blue" which many republicans felt was nothing more than a signal of allegiance to the "uni-party."

    Are There Grievances About Camillo And The "Old Guard"?

    The Centinal conducted an ad-hoc survey of republicans in Greenwich to get to the heart of the growing rift between Camillo's "old guard" republicans and the current leadership of the RTC.

    Here are the top 10 grievances republicans shared about Fred:

    1. He "cozies up to democrats" and wants everyone to like him; he doesn't like rocking the boat to fight for republican principles because he's part of the "uni-party";
    2. He refused to defend republicans running for RTM in 2023 after they were falsely attacked as "extremists" even by other republicans;
    3. He distanced himself from the RTC members after they endorsed him for First Selectman, and then operated his own separate election headquarters in 2023;
    4. He declined to fund town-owned veteran facilities that are in disrepair;
    5. He gave former Democrat Town Committee Chair, Tony Turner, the chairmanship for the priciest project in town history, the new Central Middle School;
    6. He gave James Waters, who has a history of attacking Republicans on social media, the chairmanship of the Old Greenwich School (OGS) Building Committee;
    7. He supported the “Pay As You Throw” and “Quiet Yards Greenwich” campaigns that would hurt local small businesses;
    8. He declined to call out former RTC Chair Dan Quigley for allegedly conspiring with democrats in the last two municipal elections, including coordinating with Waters and an allegedly unregistered PAC, The Voting Moms;
    9. He allegedly bypassed the RTM to give money to the United Way, whose CEO is coincidentally married to Selectwoman Lauren Rabin, Fred's very own running mate; and
    10. He cost the town millions of dollars by throwing a tantrum with Captain Mark Kordick.

    The Airing Of Grievances Is Not Unique To Greenwich.

    The Airing of Grievances taking place in Greenwich is not unlike what is happening in Republican committees all around the state, and indeed the country, as Republicans with strong conservative principles, especially America First principles, continue to rise up and challenge a "uni-party" composed of "old guard" Republicans like Camillo and his cronies.

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    Nate argosh

    Its about time cammilo woke up and realized how nuts his own party is.

    Big Al

    Other national organizations like INDIVISIBLE have infiltrated the town for many years now. Y'all should read their manifesto. As have national Democrat figures and DC politicians who support local Dems during municipal elections. Soros has an office on Greenwich Ave for crying out loud....wake up people.

    The new Republicans are trying to preserve the town. They are incorruptible, unlike their predecessors.

    Pamela Pell

    Thank you for telling the truth.

    It’s time

    Well written and completely on point.

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