• We Have A Snitch In Greenwich

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    We recently received results from a Freedom of Information Act request we filed in the fall to obtain more information about Greenwich Public Schools' launch of Minga, a digital ID system for the high schoolers.

    Two things immediately jumped off the page when we started digging into the files.

    The first thing that stood out was the fact that Dan Quigley felt compelled, much like a prison snitch, to run to the school to rat out Greenwich Patriots every time we wrote about Minga.  It was almost as if he felt it was his full-time job to be on the lookout for any wrongthink committed by the Patriots.  

    Hasn’t he got anything better to do with his time?  

    Not that we have anything to hide, obviously, but it sure makes us wonder why Quigley cares so much that we complained about digital ID for high school when he doesn’t even have a child in the high school yet.

    It's not the first time he snitched on us, either. It seems to be a bit of a pattern.

    If you recall, this was a man who refused to give parents the time of day to share the findings from a survey that identified serious problems with the school — the presence of critical race theory, radical gender ideology, and the sometimes pornographic books found in the school library — because he deemed it wasn’t an election issue.  

    We still face the same issues, but fortunately a growing number of people now recognize the problems created by this Marxist agenda.

    Furthermore, we were and still are concerned about the fact that digital ID forms a key part of of the World Economic Forum's “Great Reset” vision for the future.  A vision that would likely also include a Chinese-style social credit system to track everything a person does, and dole out privileges based on the strength of your social credit score.

    Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo’s new Thought Police committee, which plans on implementing a web and phone monitoring system, fits nicely into the digital ID agenda, whether Fred realizes it or not. Then say something critical of Camillo or perhaps call a globalist a globalist, and you might find your social credit score drops after you get ratted out for wrongthink by a prison snitch like Quigley.

    Of course, people laughed at us when we issued this warning on digital ID, but we remember the days of covid vaccine passports when people were denied entry to businesses, restaurants, events, nursing homes, travel services, and much more for the unthinkable crime of declining to take an experimental medical product with unknown long-term consequences.

    What’s the second thing that raised our eyebrows in the FOIA results?

    Quigley reported us to what appears to be Superintendent Jones’ personal gmail address, not her official Greenwich Schools email account at [email protected].

    Weird, isn’t it?

    Almost like he was trying to notify Jones off-the record so that his snitching might not get picked up in a FOIA.

    Of course, we could be wrong about that.  

    But it sure seemed odd.

    Does anyone else contact the Superintendent on her personal email address about school-related issues?

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    Greenwich Patriots

    Greenwich Patriots organized in 2021 to help protect medical freedom, to preserve parental rights, and especially to stand up for children in schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn more and join the newsletter here: https://greenwichpatriots.us/.

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    What a low-class clown! Look at the name of the attachment "brainwashed.jpg" he sent to the super! Is she on the same page since he doesn't hide his hate towards a group of parents?

    Robert A. Porrazzo

    Quigley...IS A QUISLING! And whatever happened to "snitches get stiches?"

    A concerned parent

    Everyone should report you for wasting the time and resources of our school system on your hair-brained conspiracy theories. You are a nuisance.

    Greenwich Patriots

    You mean like our theories about masks not working? Or about covid vaccines being potentially deadly? Or critical race theory / DEI / SEL / gender ideology being divisive and dangerous?

    No one would believe these problems existed in Greenwich without seeing the hard evidence with their own eyes.

    All we did was exercise our right to see the records and prove we were telling the truth, especially since Toni Jones is allergic to answering emails.

    Since when is the TRUTH a nuisance?

    A concerned parent

    Do you ever wonder if your life would be a lot better if you took a deep breath and chilled out a bit?

    Greenwich Patriots

    We wonder what life would be like if we hadn't exposed these inconvenient truths... and we worry what life will be like if we are unable to stop the evil agenda that is being perpetrated by the radical progressives against our lovely town of Greenwich.

    Namaste, "concerned parent".

    Greenwich Pats are Dumb

    How about you just leave Greenwich? You'd fit in well with the 'Florida Patriots'

    Greenwich Patriots

    Florida is lovely, and we have many Florida Patriots who read our newsletter. They would indeed welcome us with open arms.

    However, we'd rather see the radical Marxists and Communists leave our wonderful town, and believe Greenwich is worth fighting to protect.

    We would never walk away without a fight.

    Eyes Wide Open

    You obviously have not looked at all the evidence the Greenwich Patriots always post when exposing things for what they are. Instead of ignoring the evidence because you don’t like the messenger…try opening your eyes and your mind. You may not like the Truth…but at least you won’t be a lemming. Unless you support things like pornography in schools and forced masking etc.

    A concerned parent

    I actually feel bad for the original Patriot because she makes her life's work this futile exercise of screaming about conspiracy theories. I'm glad she has this little corner of the world to call her own.

    Don't be concerned

    I for one am grateful to the Patriot lady for teaching me why its so important to stand up for my rights and because she is not afraid to say what she believes. I would probably have had 6 covid shots and myocarditis if I didn't happen to meet her in the park helping teach people during covid. I'm glad she has this corner of the world to call her own.

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