• Greenwich: Ground Zero In The Culture Wars

    January 28, 2024

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    Greenwich has become ground zero in the culture wars.

    Back in the 1970s, Connecticut was a red state, voting for Ford, Reagan and Bush. Even in the early 2000s, Republicans in Greenwich held a 2 to 1 lead in voter registrations, but this was in a growing sea of blue driven by the intersectional politics of grievance. Through this period the Democrats’ preferred tactic was to recruit left leaning Republicans or simply register Democrats as Republicans, so they could spend on their pet projects.

    Things changed in the run-up to the 2016 election. The Republican lead had declined, and several national organizations targeted Greenwich because of its potential as a funding source, and for being an irritant to the surrounding sea of blue conformity. These included the Women’s March, locally known as “March On Greenwich” organized by Karen Giannuzzi, and Indivisible Greenwich, a branch of the national Indivisible Project, under the leadership of Joanna Swomley, wife of former Democrat Greenwich Selectman Sandy Litvack, Nerlyn Pierson and Lindsey Fahey.

    These national organizations have multiple incarnations. “Indivisible” has a related “Indivisible Civics” 501(c)3 charity and hundreds of local chapters like “Indivisible Greenwich” obscuring its funding. Collectively, they spend tens of millions annually supporting progressive initiatives and candidates. Their stated mission is to “elect progressive leaders” and “rebuild our democracy” which they say is “rigged” and needs “dismantling.”

    Screenshot, Indivisible.

    Perhaps you think our democracy is not a white-supremacist system of oppression and doesn’t need to be rebuilt or reimagined; or, perhaps, you prefer liberal values, including free speech, free thought, and equality before the law, rather than the progressive doling out of preferences based on race and a dubious hierarchy of historic grievances; or, maybe you just feel our 250 years of Democratic Capitalism has been improving steadily and, in any event, works far better than any alternative. If so, you should be very concerned by the intrusion of these organizations and their local takeover, which will bring locally the same thinking and values which have already destroyed many of our cities.

    Some of the people involved might be fooled by the progressive projection and double speak. Others could be politically ambitious or perhaps motivated by sour grapes. But the Greenwich Democrat Town Committee seems to have been taken over by those who believe our country needs to be completely reimagined.

    Several of these local leaders are seemingly committed to a “great reset” of capitalism which will occur globally and usher in utopia (where have we heard that before?) while others could be suffering from what’s known as “noble cause corruption” which is the delusion that their cause is so morally superior (climate change, social justice, the eradication of Jews, etc.), that anything done in the name of that cause is justified, and anyone opposing is subhuman and evil (racist, misogynist, homophobe, etc.).

    The narcissistic fallacy of noble cause corruption seems to have been at work locally in allegedly illegal actions during the recent municipal campaign, and in a political activist allegedly trying to illegally observe the Republican Caucus, while other Democrats pretend to be Republicans while promoting the Democrat BET.

    Screenshot, Facebook.

    These folks have drunk their own kool-aid and they want to re-do our system nationally and locally. They point to an imaginary Republican clear and present danger as they plot to override local zoning, dumb down our schools, and ban gas-powered everything.

    This is why they call anyone who voices a different opinion “MAGA.”

    To them “Making America Great Again” is hateful because they can only see the little that’s wrong with America instead of all that is great. To them, the very idea of recognizing America’s greatness is a threat and the antithesis of the need to reimagine and reshape our country, which they insist must be done because America is oppressive, racist, and misogynistic, despite our progress, despite their own direct personal experiences to the contrary, not to mention all of the evidence to the contrary.

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